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Big and Happy Gender News! Coming out!! 

Yeah, I'm coming out now. I'm an enby-boy and I'm finally ready to make this change.

I'm really happy, and, I love my friends who continue to support me on this difficult road of self discovery.

In fact, without the direct kindness of a very few special individuals, I would have never made it here. You know who you are 🥰

While I haven't found the exact label yet, I have found where my gender belongs, and this feeling warms my heart.

(Part 1)

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New Introduction Post: 

Hi my name is Taffi / Chewie. I'm the main (admin) wondergoof of!!

Basic things you should know:
- I'm Bi-Demisexual (with heavy homoromantic leanings).
-I'm a pupper
-I'm a huge fan of maw-paws and multi artwork!
-Always feel free to pass me a hug!
-This account is an anon AD.
-Taffi is my AD fursona.

I do have locked follows but don't be shy to request one. You prob will be accepted!!

I'll continue this into a follower only thread below!!!


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Wanna interact with me? I have some new rules!
Yes, this is neuro-divergent/disorder talk and it's important you know all of this.

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Genral Info about 

(this will be updated with time)

Why we are small private server:

1)Due to server subscription limits, I cannot afford any more users on at this time. If I could have more people or afford it, I would!!! Unfortunately this is about what I can do.

2)Trying to excape growing too big. We escaped the snouts downfall and wanted a smaller home with less conflict. The larger the community the less selective we can be with our fedi.

Thank you!

Oculus, sorry, I mean "Meta", when the hell can we get dresses for avatars that don't force boobs? Like, how hard is it to just make the outfits work with any body type? Yep, still complaining, and will continue to until you fix this.

Affection ask, please boost 

Hey, this puppi is really soft rn. You should pet and hug and squeeze and give affection.

From now on it isn't, GIF or "J"IF.
I'm just gosh darn saying it like T-G-I-Fridays:
And you cannot stop me.

I wish things would change. I wish all of this was over.

I'm such a nuisance for everyone....
Why do I even exist?
What's the point of all I'll ever do is be an inconvenience?

Hey guys... Um just a reminder I'm pretty soft (and demi) so just don't be uber spicy at me okay? Unless we know each other well... Thanks 😅

Somebody: Which is hotter? Boobs or butts?

Me, an intellectual: Snouts :snoot1: !!!

Horny, snoot posting, pls interact 

Alright people, time to show me those snoots...
Got a snoot? Post it. Get smooched.
Gib me them snoot images. :snoot1:

This is a shitpost,
But feel free to call me a snooter anytime.

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Repeating text shitpost 

Gay gay, gay gay gay!

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