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Wanna interact with me? I have some new rules!
Yes, this is neuro-divergent/disorder talk and it's important you know all of this.

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Genral Info about 

(this will be updated with time)

Why we are small private server:

1)Due to server subscription limits, I cannot afford any more users on at this time. If I could have more people or afford it, I would!!! Unfortunately this is about what I can do.

2)Trying to excape growing too big. We escaped the snouts downfall and wanted a smaller home with less conflict. The larger the community the less selective we can be with our fedi.

Thank you!

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Oh Humbug, I forgot to do an introduction post over here!

Hi my name is Taffi / Chewie. I'm the main wondergoof of!!

Basic things you should know:
-I'm gay (Bisexual, but currently homoromantic)
-I'm puppy
-I'm a huge fan of mawpaws... And multi.
-I love hugs
-My account is an anon AD, Taffi is my persona here!!

I do have locked followers but don't be shy to request a follow. You might be accepted!!

I'll continue this into a follower only thread below!!!


Vr woes 

Headset acting funny again. I swear to God.

Now for extremely weird lewd me thinks 

Still thinkin on this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Now for extremely weird lewd me thinks 

Mawpaws, in snoot boots,,,,,

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Snoot boots!
When you need a boot, but also need a snoot!!!
:snoot1: :snoot1:

Mama mia mamamia!
I wish I was cute!
Yeah, no,
This is a sad shitpost :'(

Fuckin PSA 

Just because I'm taller than you, doesn't flippin make me a Dom.
Folks just for once, understand that my personality has nothing to do with my height.

Question I have to plural folk! 

It seems I know allot of plural folk (Not plural myself tho) who dig multifur/multi characters, I'm just curious about the overlap if there is any!!
Like is multifur a way you express your system? (Unrelated to the poll, did being plural have any impact on you finding multifur? Don't worry about it if it's too personal for your system!!)


I'm really sorry if I was annoying though.

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@zauberin is a fucking champ. Thank you for all your company the past few days.

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Mh- , rsd 

I really hope I'm not being annoying... My brain keeps telling me that I'm a bother to everyone. But I had fun tonight. Why can't my brain just except that.
My friends are back.
They care about me.
But the doubt hurts.

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I know I talked about this before. And everyone said I was okay, so I am much better than I was before. But I always feel like I'm really annoying to people.... I always feel like nobody really wants me around. Today I felt... Better.. after people let me know they cared.
I'm feeling very anxious and vaunrable right now, but also feeling better than I did.
I'm in-between feeling good an horrible, but not meh...
It's weird. Between two extreme emotions rn. One of joy the other of anxiety.

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