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Big and Happy Gender News! Coming out!! 

Yeah, I'm coming out now. I'm an enby-boy and I'm finally ready to make this change.

I'm really happy, and, I love my friends who continue to support me on this difficult road of self discovery.

In fact, without the direct kindness of a very few special individuals, I would have never made it here. You know who you are 🥰

While I haven't found the exact label yet, I have found where my gender belongs, and this feeling warms my heart.

(Part 1)

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New Introduction Post: 

Hi my name is Taffi / Chewie. I'm the main (admin) wondergoof of!!

Basic things you should know:
- I'm Bi-Demisexual (with heavy homoromantic leanings).
-I'm a pupper
-I'm a huge fan of maw-paws and multi artwork!
-Always feel free to pass me a hug!
-This account is an anon AD.
-Taffi is my AD fursona.

I do have locked follows but don't be shy to request one. You prob will be accepted!!

I'll continue this into a follower only thread below!!!


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Wanna interact with me? I have some new rules!
Yes, this is neuro-divergent/disorder talk and it's important you know all of this.

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Genral Info about 

(this will be updated with time)

Why we are small private server:

1)Due to server subscription limits, I cannot afford any more users on at this time. If I could have more people or afford it, I would!!! Unfortunately this is about what I can do.

2)Trying to excape growing too big. We escaped the snouts downfall and wanted a smaller home with less conflict. The larger the community the less selective we can be with our fedi.

Thank you!

I'm now a smart college graduate dogger

Commission woes- 

I won't be saying who has put me on hold for many months (7) with no updates:
Rather what I will say is... Don't do it. Don't do that, it only makes the art purchase feel cruddy and haphazard. Please keep your customer informed on what is happening, you don't have to dish out your life's story, all I ask is to update someone with ETA information. If it changes, let them know. Or if you can't do it anymore, tell the client. Don't just run away into the void. Thanks ❤️

Cartoons are hot and real people are not;
I've come to this conclusion after much thought.
I've always loved you even since I was a tot,
even when folks said you'd make my brain rot,
As I grew so did you,
In your weird rambunctious ways...
So I say,
While humans are only sometimes attractive,
cartoons are silly, funny, and abstract-ive!
Oh you, a friend made in 30 minutes time,
won't you just be mine?
That, would be quite,

Meme poll 

Sorry if I'm intimidating, if you like me don't be afraid to reach out. Trust me, I'm pretty soft and gentle :03c

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Meme poll 

Who/what am I to you?

Caps, Rant about gender affirming clothes again: 


Small annoyance 

Every time I wanna get some cute and "fem-marketed" clothing I just can't. The clothes are too small, forever. Yes. I'm a big big person.
Sigh, At least I now know I look cute in overalls like I thought I would.

Computer sh*tposting, Linux Meme 

Oh sh*t did Arch Linux just get a new update??

Extremely and unbelievably horny post, emoji spam 

Snouts 0///////////0

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Extremely and unbelievably horny post, emoji spam 

Snoots~ 🥵 :snoot1: 🥵 :snoot1: 🥵 :snoot1: 🥵🥵 :snoot1: 🥵 :snoot1: 🥵 :snoot1: 🥵 :snoot1: 🥵 :snoot1: 🥵 :snoot1: 🥵

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Extremely and unbelievably horny post, text spam 

Look I'm not joking at all about this one.
I'm in major snoot loving mode rn, and if you snoot at me I'm gonna be so incredibly flustered, and blushy, and ndnsndndnndnf
:snoot1: :snoot1: :snoot1: :snoot1: :snoot1:

Body- mh- (2) 

It only adds to my nervousness to wear a dress in real life too... I look torn up and glued back together... Or like some corpse...
And that just hurts me more, on top of the fact I never quite fit right into those outfits (because they are not built for someone of my body type).
It just makes it so hard for me to feel nice about my body and myself.
I'm going to live with these scars for a long time, if not, for the rest of my life...
I wish they didn't hurt me like they do.

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Body- mh- (1) 

I have a ton of stretch marks all over my body, and well, they kind of hurt to look at and to feel on my skin, all day every day. I know I should "just accept them and move on", but they just are too big in volume for me to ignore. I have them all over my belly, hips, back, down my arms, on my thighs, and just above the back of my knees. And these marks are far from small. It makes it nearly impossible for me to not see them, or have others notice them right away...

Mh-, germs, covid trauma 

I think the pandemic has made me very very afraid of germs. I mean I already washed my hands to high hell before this. But now I'm just way way way too scared of being unsanitary. Sigh, this whole thing is too traumatic.


Can I have the tiniest bit of gender euphoria? 🤏
Okay then 😭

Ph-, lots of pain. 

It's better but still kind of bad.... Picking up medicine tomorrow.

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