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I will no longer be attending the VRC meetups due to causing to much discomfort. At least for the current moment.

I apologise for any discomfort I caused anyone and I hope they realize it was merely unintentional. As a neuro-divergent person, I deeply struggle with social interactions in person, and am always trying to improve.
Digital spaces obscure these communications further and can lead to horrible mistakes on my part.

Sorry everyone I tried my best! Again my sincerest apologies.

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Wanna interact with me? I have some new rules!
Yes, this is neuro-divergent/disorder talk and it's important you know all of this.

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Genral Info about 

(this will be updated with time)

Why we are small private server:

1)Due to server subscription limits, I cannot afford any more users on at this time. If I could have more people or afford it, I would!!! Unfortunately this is about what I can do.

2)Trying to excape growing too big. We escaped the snouts downfall and wanted a smaller home with less conflict. The larger the community the less selective we can be with our fedi.

Thank you!

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Oh Humbug, I forgot to do an introduction post over here!

Hi my name is Taffi / Chewie. I'm the main wondergoof of!!

Basic things you should know:
-I'm gay (Bisexual, but currently homoromantic)
-I'm puppy
-I'm a huge fan of mawpaws... And multi.
-I love hugs
-My account is an anon AD, Taffi is my persona here!!

I do have locked followers but don't be shy to request a follow. You might be accepted!!

I'll continue this into a follower only thread below!!!


Small and wishful ask, Binder fund? Boosts welcome! Caps lock 

:chewie: :arrf: :bark: :arrf: :bark: :arrf: :woof: :arrf: :bark: :woof: :woahcat:

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If Discord wants to charge 9.99$ a month for emoji access, they first have to fix the constant ass server outages...

Just sayin'.

New space jam "spoilers", 



Am I just masking at this point?


How much longer can I do this...


My teeth are clenched so tight they feel like they are going to shatter all day.
I can't stay awake because all my energy is spent worrying.
I can't feel or enjoy anything because my depression has taken that away.
I have fucking nothing good in my head.
I have nothing up here.

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I want this sorrow to end.
Please stop.
I'm sick of having anxiety attacks twice every day...I'm completely unable to function... And nobody is here to help. I can't get therapist and all I am is a burden to my friends and family.
I'm a disappointment.
I'm a failure.
And I'm just a burden.
I can hardly act okay anymore.
Hell it's nearly impossible to get out of bed anymore.
Everything hurts, I'm alone, and I want this hell to end.

VRChat, mh- 

Nobody is gonna read this,
Nobody is gonna want to read this.

But I guess that's fine.
Nobody wanted me there in the first place because;

I'm always gonna be an outcast.

I'm always going to hurt people by mistake.

And nobody wants to live with someone like me in their lives.

I'm just a fucking burden.

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VRChat, mh- 

It's incredibly difficult to loose all your friends again and again.
I really tried this time to be a good person to not make the same mistakes. I'm just a human with a social disorder.
I'm sorry.
I've been hurt so much this time.
I can't get back up...
This has seriously broken me.
I'm tired of pretending that I'm okay.
Loosing all there friend I made this year in a single instant like that... Was too much to handle and still is.
It taught me, I'm going to be an outcast forever.

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VRChat, mh- 

There is just so much cross-over between there and here...
I doubt anyone from those meets even wants to see me here anymore....

I should maybe just leave, give up.
All I do it cause chaos and harm.

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VRChat, mh- 

I feel too bad to be on VRChat, I haven't been in in so long, I don't want accidentally hurt someone with my presence and by mistake again....

Ever since I was banned from the main meetups I haven't been able to get myself online at all :(

It just doesn't feel safe or right for me to be in there anymore. :(

All I do is hurt people by mistake and I'm probably never going to feel fully comfortable in that game again.

I don't even feel comfortable here half the time.

Anyone else wiggle their hands like crazy when they listen to music case it's fun?
Or beatbox or sing inexplicably when a really good song comes on the brain?

Small and wishful ask, Binder fund? Boosts welcome! 

I'm basically 20$ away from getting two pairs. Thank you so much for the boosts and everything!!

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I wish my art was actually worth something.

Mh-, gender 

It's always so alone up here in my head.

I've been asking more an more questions, and the more I ask the more unstable everything is...
It's hard for me to stand up and figure myself out if the platform I'm trying to stand on is getting thinner and thinner.

What makes this so hard for me to understand....

Small and wishful ask, Binder fund? Boosts welcome! 

Would anyone want to help me get my first binder or two?
I have a plan to sneak them into the house this week and start using them. I would really love to start trying it out because I think it would help my mental health / gender questioning out a ton...

It's totally not nesasary! But please message me if you are willing to throw a few bucks my way.

Thank you so much for reading. Again no pressure to contribute!
Boosts welcome! :woahcat: ❀️

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