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Wanna interact with me? I have some new rules!
Yes, this is neuro-divergent/disorder talk and it's important you know all of this.

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Genral Info about 

(this will be updated with time)

Why we are small private server:

1)Due to server subscription limits, I cannot afford any more users on at this time. If I could have more people or afford it, I would!!! Unfortunately this is about what I can do.

2)Trying to excape growing too big. We escaped the snouts downfall and wanted a smaller home with less conflict. The larger the community the less selective we can be with our fedi.

Thank you!

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Oh Humbug, I forgot to do an introduction post over here!

Hi my name is Taffi / Chewie. I'm the main wondergoof of!!

Basic things you should know:
-I'm gay (Bisexual, but currently homoromantic)
-I'm puppy
-I'm a huge fan of mawpaws... And multi.
-I love hugs
-My account is an anon AD, Taffi is my persona here!!

I do have locked followers but don't be shy to request a follow. You might be accepted!!

I'll continue this into a follower only thread below!!!


VR chat, thank you 

Thanks to everyone who came to the party. I really am super happy to have all of your company!!!!

Wanna come to my VRCHAT party?
DM me for deets!!

Sigh, identity issues. 

Anyways that's the thread. Got any idea what's going on. Lemme know.

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Sigh, identity issues. 

For me to be physical with anyone, I have to have at least 1-2 years of trust with that person.There are no exceptions, and often it takes 4+ years to get real sexy.

It's weird... I could be attracted to them but sex is a hard hard hard no until I have complete trust. That takes a long time.

Is this a trust issue? I mean It seems like one... But also, this is how it's always been?
I swear this is hardcoded into me at a sexuality level. But the doubt kinda is killing me.

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Sigh, identity issues. 

I honestly believe that eRP can be done because when I have a trusted partner, I have someone I can that I can fall back to if it becomes too much. Basically a safety net for more broad activity?
I'm not poly, and I don't wanna go much into detail (too private), but my willingness to interact with others in and eRP is more likely when I have someone that I can actually be physical with in person.

That physical interaction is hard to achieve and usually takes years of trust

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Sigh, identity issues. 

Other things:

With Partner:
-eRP can be done with anyone I have trust with (kinda hard to get)... It's a more in character thing than anything real. Nudes are a solid no though.

Without Partner:
-Can talk lewdly, but I here is allot of anxiety.
-Cannot get into character, that is even difficult and uncomfortable. I can imagine my characters however in contexts. Just not me as said character in said context.
-Still like hot art... But mostly solo, no group art.

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Sigh, identity issues. 

I still think I'm probably demisexual but not really. I know semi-demi is a "thing", but it only really exists on like urban dictionary.

My feelings are really complex so here they are 99% of the time (no partner):
- Can look at something or someone and find them or it sexy etc.
- No actual sex until I have major trust with said person.
-No eRP, way too much 4 me.

1% of the time (when I have a partner):
- Sexy time with them (only)
-Open for eRP, nothing too real tho

Mh- I'm trying. 

It's really hard to not feel like a failure.

Mh-, big bad 

When you wanna look cute but people will figure out If you order something to the house.


I feel like I'm never going to heal

Locked out of my alt discord fuck me I guess
Not like I already was havung an anxiety attack.

Mh-, really bad depression 

I often wonder if I just curled up into a ball. And put myself somewhere nobody would ever be bothered by me... like some cabinet or basement.... And just stay there.
Just stay there..
I'd waste away, but at least I wouldn't be such a detriment to everyone else.
I wouldn't hurt anyone. I wouldn't get hurt by anyone.
Just sit there and never move again.

Mh- fun times! 

Haha when you couldn't get out of bed until 10:00, to just get a glass of water, cause depression weighs down your body to much to even stand.


I'm feeling so low on anything mentally good. Like seriously

Gentle please. I'm not asking for a make out just... A good snoot smooch ;w;
:snoot1: ❤️

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When you hope a snooter will smooch you.
:snoot1: ❤️ :snoot1:

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