Reply to this post and I'll place a snoot spell on you!!! :snoot1: :arrf:

I may or may not have some planed ones for a few people just because I think ahead.

That feel when all the birbs awnser to the snoot post first.

@reno *peacock frien now has a lorge toucan beak that puts toucan sam's to shame!!!*

@reno hmmm then you grow a snoot on your tail, not an ordinary tail maw.... But a snoot with a whole honker right at the end.
Real pupper like, but is got some big sabertooth fangs that hang out.

@kat *you grow a belly beak to store extra foods like a pelican, it will disappear until the next time you have leftovers*

@ChewieBoy wait i just switched fursonas can i get a different one

@kat yesssss, your current round nose bloats up in size a bit.... Then you realize your snout is part beach ball... It squeaks!!!

@ChewieBoy this is extremely close to status effect from the game Golden Light tbh

@sharkNserg do not tempt me or I will make it weirder. Muahahaha

@gulfie you grow blue maw feet...
I guess you are now part blue-footed-snootie!!!

@toydragon triple decker snoot.
Three maws on one snoot. Very good for snacking and bleps!!!

@saphirethefolf blahaj mawpaws!!! They are a bit feisty though.... Just have some one bap the nose and they should calm down.

@dogo you gain mawpaws on your feet and hands. They squeak allot.

@ChewieBoy im gonn steppy around like im wearing squeaky shoes, thank u

@katnjiapus you grow a chainsaw maw. It's fully robotic, and has chainsaw chains for teeth. Brrrrrrr

@Drako_Fenris your snoot can now blow out a gust of wind strong enough to make a cow ring come out, spin around like a boomarang and come back and fit back on the nose perfectly.

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