Not only will I be taking a break from VRC meetups but I will also be taking a break from here because there is overlap between here and there. I don't want this calming place begin to have distaste for me too.

I'm hurting really bad right now. I miss my friends. Mental symptoms have become physical symptoms. If you need to contact me, please DM me your discord name and tag. Thanks.


I highly encourage anyone who distrusts me or no longer wants to be a friend, to unfollow me here, unfriend me in VRC, and on discord:
So that I may no longer be a risk to anyone that thinks me one in the future. Or come in undesired contact.
I believe I'm a kind person that never wants to do harm to someone. When I do, I am more than greatly upset by my own unjust actions. I always try to make things up to someone, sometimes it just doesn't work. Please unfollow and unfriend if you must.

Hopefully most will stay with me into the future and will continue to be my friends. I loved meeting everyone at the vrc events... and made some great friends while there.

I'm more than saddened to be loosing many of you because of my social mistakes. It's not something I ever wanted to happen. And I wish I could have another chance because I'm always trying to improve myself. This is unlikely however.

See you soon.

Update, - 

Currently still feeling unsafe to resume posting for a while. The grief has only really started unfortunately, I'm afraid it will only get worse with time... it hurts very very much already. It's quite unbearable as is tbh.
I miss my friends.
I miss having them and their trust.
Things hurt right now, I don't know of these feelings will ever leave me. I doubt they will for a long time. I don't know if I can be here (and post) until then.
I'll keep people posted. Sorry everyone.

@ChewieBoy I have no clue what this is about because I'm not part of this VRC group, but I hope you will show yourself compassion and forgiveness in the coming days so you can find some emotional peace.

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