VRChat, mh- 

I feel too bad to be on VRChat, I haven't been in in so long, I don't want accidentally hurt someone with my presence and by mistake again....

Ever since I was banned from the main meetups I haven't been able to get myself online at all :(

It just doesn't feel safe or right for me to be in there anymore. :(

All I do is hurt people by mistake and I'm probably never going to feel fully comfortable in that game again.

I don't even feel comfortable here half the time.

VRChat, mh- 

There is just so much cross-over between there and here...
I doubt anyone from those meets even wants to see me here anymore....

I should maybe just leave, give up.
All I do it cause chaos and harm.

VRChat, mh- 

It's incredibly difficult to loose all your friends again and again.
I really tried this time to be a good person to not make the same mistakes. I'm just a human with a social disorder.
I'm sorry.
I've been hurt so much this time.
I can't get back up...
This has seriously broken me.
I'm tired of pretending that I'm okay.
Loosing all there friend I made this year in a single instant like that... Was too much to handle and still is.
It taught me, I'm going to be an outcast forever.


VRChat, mh- 

Nobody is gonna read this,
Nobody is gonna want to read this.

But I guess that's fine.
Nobody wanted me there in the first place because;

I'm always gonna be an outcast.

I'm always going to hurt people by mistake.

And nobody wants to live with someone like me in their lives.

I'm just a fucking burden.

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