Gotta love when everyone in your new friend group decides to go do something... but they randomly dash out of the voice chat and go to another one to do it... But it's in a server you have no access too....

I'm pretty sure that means they don't want me. I'm pretty sure they did it to get rid of me. Cause everyone else could leave.... I couldn't. They just didn't want me there.

Its obvious.
I'm worthless.
I'm annoying.
I'm nothing.


I've been trying for months again... But I guess I can't find a spot for myself. I'm a freak. I'll never fit in anywhere. And even if I do... I f*ck it up... I'll never be good enough... Why is my brain like this. Why do I have to suffer like this... Why can't I belong anywhere.
Why can't I just belong?

re: Friendship- 

@ChewieBoy We consider you a very close friend and wish others would treat you as nicely as you deserve.


[What he said :blobfoxheart: -Arty]

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