Brand: Hey everyone! Check out our new Gender Neutral clothing collection, "B U"!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Me: Okay, sounds great... What's in the collection? Just another 100-200$ grey t-shirt?

Brand: Er.... Yes... About that...

Me: F*ck you.


The collection this is about, literally charges $70+ for every item. It's basically just unisex t-shirts, and is hidden under the women's clothing tab, so it's not even really meant for gender neutral people. Or at least anyone out of a particular size or shape. Oh how neutral 😐, you can't even fit on 50% of the population.

Every time I look for gender neutral clothing lines, all you can find is this over priced bullshit... And it's over priced. Most trans youth can't afford this shit anyways.

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And most of it is the same bland crap that you could find in a Hanes under-shirt combo pack, up-charged 500%

Please, I'm begging you... Make a collection that anyone can wear, that have clothes that go beyond a monochromatic block of cloth, that isn't ultra expensive for a community that already struggles to get by.

Ugh 🀬

@ChewieBoy how greedy >:( i wonder if you could find some options at a local thrift store, or even a nonbinary boutique? (they exist - there's one in my city. they sort by size, not gender)

@tsunderdog non binary boutique?! That sounds awesome I wish I had something like that.

@ChewieBoy they're pretty rare ;__; they exist online as well, i managed to find which looks OK

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