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I have a ton of stretch marks all over my body, and well, they kind of hurt to look at and to feel on my skin, all day every day. I know I should "just accept them and move on", but they just are too big in volume for me to ignore. I have them all over my belly, hips, back, down my arms, on my thighs, and just above the back of my knees. And these marks are far from small. It makes it nearly impossible for me to not see them, or have others notice them right away...


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It only adds to my nervousness to wear a dress in real life too... I look torn up and glued back together... Or like some corpse...
And that just hurts me more, on top of the fact I never quite fit right into those outfits (because they are not built for someone of my body type).
It just makes it so hard for me to feel nice about my body and myself.
I'm going to live with these scars for a long time, if not, for the rest of my life...
I wish they didn't hurt me like they do.

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