I want overalls... But why are they so damn expensive?! They are all like $80+ it's so stupid!!!

Seriously, like what the heck. I just want like a few pairs of overalls, but if I do that I'll be down $400-$500. Grrrrr.


Extended rant, 1st world problems 

And that's online!!! So I have to pay for shipping too. So like, that's so expensive for something so basic.
Also what's wrong with society... Why can't I find a unisex pair of overalls anymore? Hell, why can't I did a pair for a "male body type" at 6'3". Society... I'm begging you. Just give me like 2% gender euphoria and let me get the damn overalls for cheaper + in my damn size.
Anyone rich wanna contribute, cause overalls are becoming a dead dream lmao.

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