Does anyone know anyone in data recovery.... I really need help. I really really need help

@astraluma oh... The external hardrive hit the floor about two weeks ago, sent it to Seagate and they said it couldn't be recovered by their lab.

@astraluma like... I was surprised they couldn't get anything either.... It makes no sense... They like, have a "95% success rate"... Am I just that unlucky all the time? :/

@ChewieBoy a simple drop shouldn't have destroyed it that much

Reconsidering my original assumption that they're mildly competent

@astraluma what sucks is that it was my warranty... So basically I get nothing from this... Now I have to find a specialist to help me fix it... And honestly... I can't afford it.

@ChewieBoy God that sucks

I wish I could give advice but

1. Everything I know is for Linux
2. With physical damage on the table, I'm afraid to suggest anything without physically examining the drive.

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