Internet Needs To Stop (Caps): 


Covid shot, ph--- 

Holy crap, woke up last night and I was drenched in sweat. Like.... It's was gross af... It was like I stood under one of these things:

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NFT, rant 

It's actually "tech bros" or "scam bros' cause they don't know shit about the art, they just care about scams and money.
Also the article is behind a paywall. Good job!

WTF NFT Meme news UGH 

I hate NFTs and I hate this meme... The only positive is that nobody is gonna see this stupid video once it's sold. Thank goodness.
But also screw NFTs yet again, they will never be cool, stop giving me NFT news, please and thanks.

Rant, dumb game journalism: 

Sorry, but who the fuck asked you?

Google recommended, NFT News, Rant, eye-contact meme 

Hey google, what if I don't give a actual flying fuck. Stop giving me random ass meme related NFT articles. PLEASE. you should really look into the work of Renoir!
Your work looks like a form of digital impressionism at points!!

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