Computer sh*tposting, Linux Meme 

Oh sh*t did Arch Linux just get a new update??

Gender-meme-posting, gender thoughts 

Not to be controversial, but I'm just like a fictional boy okay? Irl boy concepts are a bit too much sometimes. I just wanna be a soft little bean. Okay? Thankies.

Vore implied, meme 

Game Rant article:
"Skyrim Fan Captures Exact Moment a Blood Dragon Eats Them"
Gordon Ramsay Meme:
"Delicious. Finally, some good fucking food."

Subtooting a ton of you on this god forsaken app: 

A ScienceAlert article titled: "Scientists described a dinosaur's butthole in exquisite detail"

It wasn't even a full question... It was like 4 words. Oculus, er, Facebook, er, Meta, fix this. Or idk, have a normal support line, that allows people to call and speak with another human being??

Ec, Christmas art :3c 

@marblecake got me a cutie for Christmas. The art was done by AkiraDemon on FA :3c
It's a gif but has flashing lights, so I'm posting a still!

Uh, would anyone wanna get a commision in this style??? Just wondering....

Me when my headset doesn't work for the 1,937,383,948 time:

Fusion kink talk, origin, eye contact body horror 

So like, Yu-Gi-Oh def inspired my fusion kink. I kinda blame it as the main reason I have it tbh
I'm not just talking about polymerization...
I'm talking about the stuff like when dartz fuses with The Great Leviathan.

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