I found this on twitter, (eye contact) 

True.... But like with everything tho;;;;;;;

I made a new VR Chat model of Taffi.
Should have full body tracking compatibility now! :chewie3D:
Version #1 vs Version #2
(EC Maybe?)

Shitpost, thirsty, this is a good meme approve please. 

B*tch, this is 2020, I'm always fucking thirsty...

Spirit Halloween cursed kink costume. Very weird. 

If I wasn't into this before,
I'm definitely not now.
Cursed kink costume of the year goes to Spirit Halloween.
(No offense to kinks, just saying this is an awfully specific costume)

Sound-visual thing. 

Can you hear these gifs?
What do they sound like to you?
I can, two sets of thuds, and one that is kinda like brushing a strainer against hair?


Private Server!