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@Gumby the good stuff!! :chewie: :EEE:

My opinion, not fact. 

@PsyChuan yeah that's the number one thing that pulls me put of Blade and Sorcery, is how clunky it is.... The devs say you have to "play along" but it seems like a shallow excuse for something that just doesn't work as well as it sounds on paper.

"Realistic weighted weapons" sounds cool, but in an actual game: They are annoying at their best.

Small and wishful ask, Binder fund? Boosts welcome! Caps lock 

:chewie: :arrf: :bark: :arrf: :bark: :arrf: :woof: :arrf: :bark: :woof: :woahcat:

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If Discord wants to charge 9.99$ a month for emoji access, they first have to fix the constant ass server outages...

Just sayin'.

guns, shitpost, incredibly bad idea 

@kat long-range-snoot-booper

@owashii I'm sorry but I read peanuts (as in the comic) and had no idea what the hell you meant for a second.

@kobi_lacroix if you feel like it would be representative of effort and also feel helpful for buyers choice, sure!!

New space jam "spoilers", 



Am I just masking at this point?

slur mention 

@RussellTheFox it legit means a bundle of sticks to be burned... Idk how anyone can reclaim that. It's just a bad word that needs to vanish in my opinion.

@SentinelArk trick question, there is no such thing as a "typical" housecat.
They are all special babies πŸ’–


How much longer can I do this...


My teeth are clenched so tight they feel like they are going to shatter all day.
I can't stay awake because all my energy is spent worrying.
I can't feel or enjoy anything because my depression has taken that away.
I have fucking nothing good in my head.
I have nothing up here.

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I want this sorrow to end.
Please stop.
I'm sick of having anxiety attacks twice every day...I'm completely unable to function... And nobody is here to help. I can't get therapist and all I am is a burden to my friends and family.
I'm a disappointment.
I'm a failure.
And I'm just a burden.
I can hardly act okay anymore.
Hell it's nearly impossible to get out of bed anymore.
Everything hurts, I'm alone, and I want this hell to end.

VRChat, mh- 

Nobody is gonna read this,
Nobody is gonna want to read this.

But I guess that's fine.
Nobody wanted me there in the first place because;

I'm always gonna be an outcast.

I'm always going to hurt people by mistake.

And nobody wants to live with someone like me in their lives.

I'm just a fucking burden.

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VRChat, mh- 

It's incredibly difficult to loose all your friends again and again.
I really tried this time to be a good person to not make the same mistakes. I'm just a human with a social disorder.
I'm sorry.
I've been hurt so much this time.
I can't get back up...
This has seriously broken me.
I'm tired of pretending that I'm okay.
Loosing all there friend I made this year in a single instant like that... Was too much to handle and still is.
It taught me, I'm going to be an outcast forever.

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