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@kobi_lacroix plot twist:
it's not the people's fursonas....
The transformer was the furry all along.

@g this is very good 😺🦿🦿🦿🦿🦿🦿

selfie ec showing off my dyed hair 

@Gumby g r e e n!!!!!!

Mawpaws, lyrics 

Maw paws are made for smoochin,
And that's just what they will do,
The mawpaws will keep on smoochin,
And smooch all over you!

neilcic album fractela 

@chr say something once, why say it again? Say something once, why say it again? FA FA FA FA...

Vr chat needs session mood messages!!!!!

You wanna join a friend's session? The session has a mood message to define rules / the mood of the social space that night.
Just sayin.

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