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Cursed Femboy thinking. 

Everything in sock

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Cursed Femboy thinking. 

Thigh highs..... But what if they kept going....
More and more and more and more....

Current fear: 

I'll never be good enough.

My Favorite Boardgame: 

Snoots and Ladders!!


Just stab me with a pencil already. πŸ™„

Holiday shitpost: 

Look, I'm not one to celebrate Easter for Jesus to be brutally honest....
I am one to recognize the hot bunny man that breaks into my house every spring, that brings me late Valentine's day chocolates to show me loads of affection.

He's like, the definition of: be gay do crimes.

Happy Easter.

MH-, neuro-divergent talk: 

SCD and RSD not mix well...
One is about socail communication error,
The other is about perceived socail rejection (real or not real).
You can see how they don't mix well already.
Add anxiety and depression to the mix plus a bit of ADHD, and it's a pretty mean mental health crisis milkshake.


My socail skills need to improve. I've been working hard at them for years, but sometimes it isn't enough.
Please be patient with me ❀️
I'm really trying my best.

VRChat Meetups; Some important info / apology. 

Check this thread if you go to the Saturday meetups.

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If anyone struggles with something similar, please let me know! I would love to know how to better read into other emotions / tone better without seeing people's faces.
All though I get quite overwhelmed and look away often in person, they still seem to be critical to my understanding of socail situations. They help me read their mood, etc. If anyone has techniques I could practice to better my socail skills in this regard, please reach out.
It would help a ton for VR Chat communication!!!

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...any sort of annoyance or accidentally socially strange behavior.
I'm trying my best. I know I'm not the best still; but it's a skill I'm trying to work on and improve.
VRChat has opened new issues that I have to address socaily, and these are things I need to take on to better communicate in the modern day.
I'm just typing this apology so that those who have been effected by my silly socail mistakes know, I'm trying to improve.
I can't wait to see yah at the next meetup everyone.❀️

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