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@axakatl considering changing my display name to Gay For Weresneps

ahem, caps, and repeating text: 


This tall femboy sub needs a small femboy dom.

Singing Mr.Sandman loud as possible as you walk down the street is such a good gay powermove tbh.

Snoot snoot snoot snoot snoot snoot snoot snoot snoot snoot snoot snoot snoot snooooooot!!!!

I personally am the proud owner of many :snoot1: !!!
They are easy to feed and good smoochers!!

We also have an expanded catalog for all you lovers out there:
:snoot2: :snoot3:
These are just a few of the :snoot1: you can get with us today!!!

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A new :snoot1: can be your for only $7.99!!

(P.S. Don't forget to keep your old one too! That one is still a friend!)

Pasta kink: 

(This is a shitpost and not serious.)

As a tall sub, I require more small doms.
Please I need this okay

Self doubt, VRC- 

I'm sorry if I did something wrong last night. I think I was able to avoid doing anything wrong this time.... But just in case. I apologise! Just as usual let me know.


Will I ever be who I want to be?

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