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Forget masculine and feminine gender talk, let's just use pokemon types from now on.
What are you?
I'm fairy ghost, and sometimes electric!!

Haha my account is just so much sadness padded by a few jokes....
What have I even become?


I lost everyone and it's just gonna be this way forever.


I'm a disappointment to my friends, family, and my society.
I'm worthless, because I can never do anything of worth.
All I do is hurt and maim by mistake...

I make everything worse.

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And nobody wants to stick around because all I am is a disaster.
I'm such a disappointment to my friends.
All I have ever done is bring them down.
You can ask them...
I've let down every single person I have met... And if not? I will eventually.
I'm gonna lose everything.
I already have honestly...
I have lost so many friends,
I lost my social life,
I have lost my grip on my very identity,
I don't have anything in my head.
It's just fucking numb.
It's both hell and nothing at the same time

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My artwork is not worth anyone's time.
All they do is look away.
I'll never make it, I'll never be paid for this.
Why am I even trying?
Why am I even trying this hard when I'm just gonna fail...

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I don't have just a gender identity...
No no no...
I have a gender identity crisis!

Mh-, identity 

Don't worry,
Just me over here having an identity crisis!!

Body, sex characteristics, mh? 

I wanna be smooth... Or try it... Or something. Please?
I'm so unsure of myself in this. Do I have dysphoria or am I just a depressed anxious mess about something else and it's leaking over. I can't even tell anymore. I'm kinda scared and upset and I just don't know how to feel.

Hey hey you you yeah you hey 

Hey hey yep you yeah hey!!!

I'm a bi-demi-sexual and I couldn't be more proud!!

Mh- ph- 

My body feels like it's going to die :(


Feel like I'm gonna cough up my own heart. :(
It's aching bad this morning.

Honry shitpost 

Forget foreplay, it's time for voreplay

Mh-, Ph-, What is wrong with me? 

Nobody is gonna read this.
Nobody is gonna wanna subject themselves to my pain. It's too much.
Even I can't bear this weight.
I'm hurting and I'm starting to believe it's going to be this way forever.
Is this life? Is this how things have to be for me? They've gone this way for too long, and will continue it seems.
I'm sorry to everyone who followed me... I'm not really happy go lucky puppy you followed anymore..
The reality is, I'm just depressed beyond words.

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Mh-, Ph-, What is wrong with me? 

My body doesn't want me, I've been sick, and incapable of functioning at all.

My mind doesn't want me, it destroys me with near constant anxiety attacks and wants me asleep so I can't do anything to hurt it.

And nobody else wants me because I'm too depressed, too unstable, and even when I'm stable, I make small social mistakes, they back fire and everyone leaves me and I'll never have anyone who stays.

My brain and body is broken, and I'm all alone.

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