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I'm so mentally exhausted...
Class today was really bad for my mental health.

I need comfort.
I need rest.
I need hope...
And I need change.

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Dysphoria, gender 

Anyways, I'm just sitting in bed trying to forget what I look like.

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Dysphoria, gender 

Idk if anyone else has something similar, but like, I kind of have the instinct (imposter syndrome) that fights off my awakened non-binary identity...
And until I engage in something like VRChat where it is completely removed from the physical equation.
Like, the moment I put on a few avatars in VRC, I'm back to feeling like my true self. I feel like I'm outside of the body that keeps me bound down.
Things go from a stress induced no, to a vibrant happy yes.

How can I feel so lonely when surrounded by so many people?

Maybe it's because I know I'm just the third wheel.

Snouts, shitpost, caps: 

Here I go looking through the normal emojis looking for the snoot emojis I made....

What is my brain thinking.... That my snout obsession is normal?

It's not....

BUT IT SHOULD BE. :chewie: :arrf:

Shout-out to the teachers who let their neurodivergent students info dump about a topic they found super interesting in class, after class, and make it an awesome learning experience.

You legitimately make the world a better place for so many of us.

Please don't make me do class right now. I'm too exhausted.

Tonight is being horrible to me :/ I don't want to deal with life RN.


Everything hurts.
I just want things to change :(

Mh is bad folks. 

I'll never be who I want to be....

Lonely all the time.

Lonely behind every interaction.

Lonely because I know it will never have a happy ending.

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