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Mh-, identity and worries. 

I'll forever be a joke.
If I'm ever myself, I'm regarded as if I'm a joke. That I can't be loved the way I am.
I'm too tired of this.
I'm too tired.
I don't want to do this anymore.

Ec, Christmas art :3c 

@marblecake got me a cutie for Christmas. The art was done by AkiraDemon on FA :3c
It's a gif but has flashing lights, so I'm posting a still!

Merry Gaymas, transmas, and lghtqsmas.
And to all a UwU night~

Was sleeping and dreaming of soft cuddles. :woahcat:

Vore, gender, shitpost 

Someone on here vored my gender.
Who was it?
Come on, spit it out...
Not the gender, I just want to know who ate it in the first place.

@dogo is so f*cking skilled. Like im genuinely impressed with all the work he's doing on that WebXP project of his. OMG, it's so cool and I can't wait to see the Hickory easter-eggs. If you ain't watching this project, I have no idea why you ain't.

Gonna have to make sure not to shake my gifts this year because @Zauberin might be hiding inside. As they say, the best gifts are the small ones.

Plz give me hugs and tell me im good puppi ;_;

All I want for Christmasssss is Trans Rights, oooooo baby!!!

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