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Tonight was a difficult and boring night. Time to go to bed I guess.

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Gotta be honest.... Autodesk Maya just sucks. Even uninstalling it is a pain in the butt.

I feel such a close connection to computers and robots. I feel like I've been programmed how to act all my life and well, I feel like an outlier... Someone who is uncanny to others. I also feel like they have opened up my world in ways I never had imagined as a child.
There are so many other reasons, if I tried to explain them all, I would need a thread as long as the moon and back.
Robots and computers are really flipping cool. I feel happy when around them.

Robots and gender shitpost. 

Binary ❌
Non-binary πŸ†—

Google why the f*ck do you think I have any interest in Jeffrey Bezos?


Yeah. I feel more alone with each passing day.

And most of it is the same bland crap that you could find in a Hanes under-shirt combo pack, up-charged 500%

Please, I'm begging you... Make a collection that anyone can wear, that have clothes that go beyond a monochromatic block of cloth, that isn't ultra expensive for a community that already struggles to get by.

Ugh 🀬

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The collection this is about, literally charges $70+ for every item. It's basically just unisex t-shirts, and is hidden under the women's clothing tab, so it's not even really meant for gender neutral people. Or at least anyone out of a particular size or shape. Oh how neutral 😐, you can't even fit on 50% of the population.

Every time I look for gender neutral clothing lines, all you can find is this over priced bullshit... And it's over priced. Most trans youth can't afford this shit anyways.

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Brand: Hey everyone! Check out our new Gender Neutral clothing collection, "B U"!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Me: Okay, sounds great... What's in the collection? Just another 100-200$ grey t-shirt?

Brand: Er.... Yes... About that...

Me: F*ck you.

Haha remember that time I found a friend group and then I lost all of those friends in a matter of one night?

No not that time, or that time either, or that time.... Nope, wrong time.... Damn, uh... No... OH! There it is! Yeah that time. Yeah, that sucked.

I'm still screwed up over that (and that... And that....).

Oh look, someone friendly!!!

Angry I can't easily post corgi memes on Mastodon. I can never find the gifs on my phone. Darn it.

I'm weird,
I'm not even "mainstream weird" I guess.

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