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Extremely controversial horny hot-take 


Don't mind me I'm just on the:
g a y e r n e t


The world wasn't made for people like me.
I don't know how much longer I can keep fighting this battle.

Mh-, distance, friends... Probably RSD, idk 

There are a few people I really miss, and I wish they were still closer to me... But they are floating away and I can't do anything about it...
Pretty soon, I'm going to be alone again, aren't I? I'm going to lose them like just everyone I've already lost before.

Gender confusion/anxiety, kind of a sad one folks. 

I know I'm an enby, somewhere between agender and male...
This is just me venting about how my brain scares me away from trying to be myself in the real world.
It's really hard for me to step out of the closet and I'm just...
I feel like I'm going to live this way forever.

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Gender confusion/anxiety, kind of a sad one folks. 

Me: I'm an enby!
My brain: How dare, you are a man!
Me: Okay... I guess...*does the "male" stuff.*
My brain: No, definitely enby now.
Me: hmm okay! *Tries to be enby for a complete millisecond.*
My brain: How dar-
Me: πŸ™„ can I just exist as an enby for real? For once? Or maybe even be both, an enboy?
My brain: No.
Me: Why?
My brain: ✨ Anxiety of the future and what society thinks!!! ✨
Me: Cries in confusion and fear of everything happening. 😞


Extremely lightheaded all of a sudden, gonna lay down for a little bit.

Horny, multi, weird 

And with mawpaws,,, :woahcat:
Oh goodness pls,,, :snoot1: :snoot1:

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Ugh, why aren't there any cute overalls for people my size? Why are they all crappy quality?

Why can't I just have one thing to make me feel nice about my gender irl?

Who flipping knows.

Gender, mh-, circumstances 

Speaking of clothing, I lost my measuring tape and now don't have the proper measurements to get something online anyways. And I'm running out of time because in less than one week I won't even be able to express myself like that. ;_;

Being an enby really sucks sometimes

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Me: I should get some cute clothes finally!

Also me outside the store: What if [redacted] hate me... ;_;

Birthday month! 

Btw it was my birthday this month.... I don't disclose the exact day here for privacy reasons but, before April is gone, I thought I would say something, ahahahaha.
Happy snoot day to me I guess πŸŽ‰ :snoot1: πŸŽ‰

Warning , if you follow me, you are going to turn into a snout lover :snoot1: ❀️ eventually.
I don't make the rules.
This is how federation works.

Are some people just not showing up on my masto timeline? πŸ€”

Gender musings+++ 

But yes, if you wanna make me feel fuzzy, use they/them or Mx.. Idk if y'all know how much this means right now, while I navigate myself out of the closet. It makes me feel like I can actually....
do the whole coming out thing... one more time... maybe...
I'm afraid... but I think I might try...

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Gender musings+~- 

I think the last time someone used they/them for me IRL was like, 3 weeks ago, and before that, about 7.

My website bio even says only he/him. It urks me tbh, and I wanna have it encompass both because then it would feel more like me... Of course I have to keep it "normal" for people who can't see me for who I am right now.

Sigh. 😞

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