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I want overalls... But why are they so damn expensive?! They are all like $80+ it's so stupid!!!

@Gulfie you still don't know how much I love your new profile picture. It just screams cute energy.

Technology hot-take poll: 

Would you use MacOS if they released it to the wider public that don't own Apple products? Even if it cost something like Windows?

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Technology hot-take: 

I might like Mac OS more or maybe at least be inclined use it more, if it wasn't legally locked to apple hardware only.

Stress, mail packages not in the right places. 

Packages are on hold across the entire state and I don't know how to fix this. I've tried literally everything I could have.

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Stress, mail packages not in the right places. 

I'm so trucking stressed over this. I feel like crying my eyes out.

How does gender work, I'm agender. I just don't get how to operate this whole thing. Can someone give me instructions or something. A manual? A YouTube tutorial? Or is it like riding a bike... Cause f*ck that... I'm not ever doing that again. Do you know how long I was on training wheels for? I mean...

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It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's highly volatile acid rain!!!

It's pride month so of course gender be acting weird >w>

You may have checkmated me, but I planned this, you walked right into me checkmating myself, checkmate checkmater!!!

Asking for Linux Advice: 

I'm thinking of doing a dual boot PC with Windows 10 and a Linux Distro.

1) I'm thinking of making it so I have one large SSD for Windows and another separate smaller SSD for Linux. All plugged into the same motherboard... No partitions... Just completely separate drives. Is that possible?

2) What would you recommend other than Ubuntu. I tried it, and it wasn't really my thing exactly. I do however want to get into Linux because penguins and foxes are cute🐧🦊


I give up on my dreams. They are just too fucking unobtainable.

I'm just unhappy. I'm going to be unhappy forever I think.

Why does everything bad stay, and everything good changes?

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