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Hey guys... Um just a reminder I'm pretty soft (and demi) so just don't be uber spicy at me okay? Unless we know each other well... Thanks 😅

New art from @TalonTide
Hold snoot (:snoot1:) ✨gentle ✨ like taco(🌮)!!!

Somebody: Which is hotter? Boobs or butts?

Me, an intellectual: Snouts :snoot1: !!!

Horny, snoot posting, pls interact 

Alright people, time to show me those snoots...
Got a snoot? Post it. Get smooched.
Gib me them snoot images. :snoot1:

This is a shitpost,
But feel free to call me a snooter anytime.

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Repeating text shitpost 

Gay gay, gay gay gay!

Depression talk, dread. 

I miss being happy.
Today the bad thoughts are taking over and It seems I can't do anything about it.
I miss feeling anything good.
Why do I keep thinking things will ever get better?
They won't, I've been trying for years, but they never do.
Nothing will change, and time, my mind, and my heart will continue to burn.

Ph-, mh- 

My ears feel like they are both at 100% and 0% in being able to hear. My head feels awful 😞

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Ph-, mh- 

The banging is back and my ears are acting up.

Movie, loneliness 

Yep, watched a movie that wasn't that good for loneliness
... :(

Saws in the house are loud. Very loud. Everyone is loud. Ow ow ow.

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