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im kitty 

mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow

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intro post 

hi!! im ax!! im a gay demiboy snow leopard from australia!! things you'll see on my timeline are:
- weird thoughts
- big words
- nerdy enthusiasm
- occasional sadness
- somewhat abashed horniness (cw'd of course)
- stuff i just found out thats totally innocuous but mind blowing to me
- extremely niche jokes that nobody ever likes or understands
- confusion

basically i am my whole self on here and i wanna keep learning new things about myself and the people around me :3

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literal vikings are trying to steal your data!!


toned shirtless guys with shorts hanging a liiittle below the waist,,,

windows update is good because sometimes it just removes administrator privileges from the local services profile. really brightens up my day when i see the new features like sound not working

people always go on about pronouns. personally, i am anti noun. lets destroy items

im demiboy, which means im part boy, part mystery :woahcat:

i like calling myself a demiboy because it ties into my profession, which is demigod


shockingly little daedra content on e6

i mean come on molag bal is furry as hell AND hes the prince of domination

i keep having dumb thoughts and thinking "i will post that" and immediately forgetting them

lewd, elder scrolls deep lore 

molag bals quest to get his dick back

hope yall catches on across all dialects, having a second person plural pronoun is useful af

fun fact: if u keep using "google" as a verb it may threaten google's trademark

thinking about how good morrowind is and also how most modern gamers wont be able to experience that because of how jank it is

bad history pun 

yemen was founded when the arabs got to the southern tip of arabia and were like "yeah, man!"

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