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intro post 

hi! im ax!!

things on my timeline:
-whatever hobby im into at the time
-hot takes
-hot goofs
-overwhelming horniness (but cwed)
-porn comms i get (also cwed)
-occasional socialism
-occasional bad moods
-things i learned
-jokes that nobody likes
-jokes that nobody understands
-cat pics

if you're ok with all that, welcome!!

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im kitty 

mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow

ive come to make an announcement 

shadow the hedgehog is a bitch ass motherfucker, he pissed on my wife

this isnt a joke ive actually been doing this for the past three days

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currently planning my multi part fantasy-AU epic about jet the hawk as a spoiled prince who learns of hardship when he is forced to flee his kingdom

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watching the sonic fandubs was the worst thing to ever happen to me, im going full cringe now,

because i have been reading some Fandom Fictions lately and its a dynamic i like

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what do you call the shipping dynamic between a guy and a girl where the guy is a disaster gay and the girl is like "dude chill"

wow! people really like the picture i stole from reddit

thinking about if tails from sonic started a podcast

"the miles tails hour"

this post kinda went off the rails 

kitsunes are rad. like you ever get your shit fucked up because of some nine tailed fuck getting in your biz? smarmy son of a bitch offering you choices and shit and all the while having the GALL to look all cute and shit while doing it? yeah motherfucker im making my choice and its to give you a little smooch on the forehead bitch

found a subreddit called r/somnivexillology where people post flags that they dreamed

they had laughing stock by talk talk and i should have got it!!!!

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me walking in the record store and finding like ten albums i want on vinyl :woahcat:

cursed lewd 

buttplugs are just knots for cowards

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