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im kitty 

mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow

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intro post 

hi!! im ax!! im a gay demiboy snow leopard from australia!! things you'll see on my timeline are:
- weird thoughts
- big words
- nerdy enthusiasm
- occasional sadness
- somewhat abashed horniness (cw'd of course)
- stuff i just found out thats totally innocuous but mind blowing to me
- extremely niche jokes that nobody ever likes or understands
- confusion

basically i am my whole self on here and i wanna keep learning new things about myself and the people around me :3

hey uhh not to ebeg but i just paid our light bill and need to handle rent plus paying off my credit card. i also need to start saving for a car already haha

if anyone wants to hit me up about a commission ($50 colored sketch comms) like i've been posting feel free

you can also shoot me a kofi or two or send whatever to my paypal directly !

gross?? tmi?? 

you ever get so mad at your toenails you get up to cut them at like 3 am?

Nanananananananana Katamari Owashii 🎢

now that ive actually finished it i can officially say: exapunks good

fwiw my solution for the final puzzle had 149/150 instructions lmao

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haskell: u can generate the fibonacci numbers by defining an infinite list to be added to its own tail :)
me: i will never be a haskell programmer :)

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god every time i find out something new about haskell i think "wow thats so cool!! im so dumb!!!"

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