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intro post 

hi! im ax!!

things on my timeline:
-whatever hobby im into at the time
-hot takes
-hot goofs
-overwhelming horniness (but cwed)
-porn comms i get (also cwed)
-occasional socialism
-occasional bad moods
-things i learned
-jokes that nobody likes
-jokes that nobody understands
-cat pics

if you're ok with all that, welcome!!

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im kitty 

mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow


that left-wing independent was earlier subject to a smear campaign where he was likened to a greens member

i think that backfired, what with how popular the greens are here

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Libs are YEETED

and my divisions Liberal senator is in danger to losing his seat to a left-wing independent 👀


Wordle 336 2/6*



ws lewd 

the other day a streamer said that he thinks of me when he pees

i think i have a problem


might be overdramatic for a cold but still

send pets

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good timezone everyone i feel like i was just hit by a truck


Wordle 326 2/6*



the feminine urge to insert bilabial sounds into words that dont have them


the problem with boys is that theyre too hot and cute and i cant help but heave a dreamy sigh when i think of them


so ive been playing neko atsume again and now im being dommed by a fucking cat

each nft joke can be made precisely once and never copied

are you telling me an object oriented this programing language ?

you ever accidentally win a ych auction and spend an irresponsible amount of money as a result?

me neither, couldnt be me

lewd and gay 

🎵yes i like penis colliding🎵

🎶and taking knots in the rain 🎶

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