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im kitty 

mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow

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intro post 

hi!! im ax!! im a gay demiboy snow leopard from australia!! things you'll see on my timeline are:
- weird thoughts
- big words
- nerdy enthusiasm
- occasional sadness
- somewhat abashed horniness (cw'd of course)
- stuff i just found out thats totally innocuous but mind blowing to me
- extremely niche jokes that nobody ever likes or understands
- confusion

basically i am my whole self on here and i wanna keep learning new things about myself and the people around me :3

for context: this is what my brain deduced to be the reason for the creation of the handwich

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i have too many hands and i cant stop using them!!

non-binary is when a language is directly executed by an interpreter


i dont know how to give criticismmmmm

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begpost; please boost 

Hey there, y'all. I'm trying to look for work right now, but with my myriad of mental health problems, it's very unlikely I'll find something I can handle, and we need to pay for rent and food. If you can help, or even just RT, that'd be great.

I'll still continue looking for a job, but any help will give me more time to search before the money runs out. I'm sorry I keep talking about this but I'm pretty desperate.

my opinion on beastars apropo of nothing 

tbh it was more interesting when the premise was "sheltered and idealistic high school students are confronted with the cruelty of the outside world"

lewd i guess? 

furry opinions that make you HAVE SEX


just wanna be fuckin zonked tho

im hopeless at finding artists

anyone know anyone whos open for ref sheets

lewd, nothing 

"no!!! my giant gay bowser cock!!!"
-bowser after being defeated in the dick

i have been listening to bossa nova for two days

existential crisis 

oh my god this years almost halfway done


coming out as genderfluent

thats right ... i speak gender at a native level

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