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isp drama 

weve been having internet trouble and we think its the (isp supplied) modem. the reason we think that is because they sent an nbn technician last week and he said its the modem. then they marked it as resolved despite it clearly not being resolved and now they're sending another nbn technician who will probably say the same thing.


almost got perfect on monkey watch but failed on literally the last input :c

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played rhythm heaven fever and got all the medals \o/

explaining the dumb joke 

because its a problematic ship

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photoshopping "reylo" on the side of the ship blocking the suez canal

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esoteric programming language that turns css into a fully fledged language

brain stuff, idk, - 

if ive made someone uncomfortable or harmed them in some way id like to know

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brain stuff 

have i done something wrong


ate too many sour patch kids :c

make is the coolest command you can just tell your computer to express itself and it does 😭

installing windows lunix the new operating system by windows lunix

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Private Server!