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new display name to better reflect my true self 😊

v lewd 

i forgot what this post is and i dont know how to open it. my brain is full of werewolf cum

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hmm might think about tity instead of hot werewolves.....haha! you have been decieved, for in my desire for hot werewolves my brain has no room left to even conceptualize tity. it was a curse you see...a curse delivered on...april the first.....

me/my asshole 🤝 games being created

open beta

new favourite ship dynamic 

"i know im perfect and amazing so you dont need to be quiet about it"

thinkin bout boys 


bertrand russell: big idiot dipshit who spent a whole ass book proving that one plus one equals two,

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threatening violence against dead mathematicians 

gödels incompleteness theorem is im about to incomplete gödel's fuckin skull

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second order logic is when you take first order logic and start getting all meta. you think youre smarter than me bertrand. think your clever, bert??

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ever just. break your brain trying to comprehend foundational mathematical concepts

rewriting a midsummer nights dream where puck is a femboy fox


my favourite genre of tweet is *points out effects of unrestrained capitalism in america* damn....communism strikes again

mh, nothing 

i always feel like im doing something wring and i dont know what

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isp drama 

tech just came and its the same guy lmao

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