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turning a dial labelled "head yaw" and looking back at the audience

i just wanna be able to use fractions to solve linear systems :(

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are there any formula editing standards that support augmented matrices

that would be cool in my imo

the two things that surprise me:
1. alvin and the chipmunks did a version of blitzkrieg bop
2. it rocks harder than the original

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ive had the chipmunks at 16 speed version of blitzkrieg bop stuck in my head all day. it fuckin SLAPS

watching youtube in fullscreen so i dont have to look at this

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mozilla.....what do you think a "tab" is supposed to be

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oh god firefox updated

why do tabs look like that

very lewd do not look 


shitpost im too lazy to make 

Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions (REMIX) (FT. LIL JON)

every time i see the widdle goblin video on youtube i invariably end up watching sorry if i screw up yalls recommendations


rewriting "its gonna be a long night" by ween to replace all of the violence with gay

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yall ever hear about ligma? 

ligma fuckin ice cream lmao gottem

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oh, what is a man to write in these days? egges, or eyren??

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