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please god firefox let me turn off proton

this has been "uninformed amateur programmer has hot takes on the practicality of software" thank you

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like if your idea is "cross-platform apps using a scripting language" why the fuck would you choose javascript????? of all things?????

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like the ONE THING that makes javascript cool is that you just go on a website and the javascript loads and it just works in your browser

having a 500mb download attached kinda defeats the point

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who the dink came up with the idea of building desktop apps in goddamn javascript

spent half the day yesterday trying to find a general formula for a finite sum of powers and it turns out its really hard!!! combinatorics is rad

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uni talk 

next semesters gonna be so cool tho

got a functional programming class and a discrete math class

also a web development class but im a little cooler on that one tbh

writing in latex is fun tho. i can pretend to be a real mathematician

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why are there so many ways to adjust vertical spacing in a table and why do none of them work

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spent yesterday learning latex

what a strange and confusing language

wanna make videos about sorting algorithms with playing cards

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