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i might even be able to do it with other people o:

i hadnt voice chatted for like... 3 years? before tonight so it was an experience

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hung out with people in vr chat for the first time

it was really fun once i remembered out how to talk :3

canon pronunciation of fwuz is now /ɸʷʌz/ because i cannot have an internet moniker that people can pronounce on the first attempt

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when i was
a young boy
my father
took me into the city
to see a marching band

he said oh no
my biney
its broken

that doesnt mean im leaving this account! i need somewhere to vent my h*rny

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fyi i made an alt account at @fwuz which is where i'll be doin my math ramblin

like... i can just. say that? and nobody's gonna come at me demanding my enby license???

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lewd? shitpost nonetheless 

gender: bitch

got sick of being worried about how others would perceive me so


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