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Idk how I haven’t posted this one here but I still really love this headshot I got from @Pronghorn !!!

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Hey all! I make Vaporwave and sometimes noise stuff. Since most of my music is plundered, it’s totally free to listen to on SoundCloud!

If you’d like to support me or just show that you really like what I make, you can donate here:

CashApp: $GumbyRat

I also appreciate feedback and song recommendations to sample and such. Thanks!

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I am so frustrated by how often my instance goes down because of how unstable GlitchSoc is

switching over to here for now cuz puppy cafe seems behind or stuck or something

Lemme go ahead and put a post on this TL


I think puppy cafe is down for a sec so hello from me here

please enjoy some fresh, hotted takes.

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Like #cyberpunk but don't got 60 bucks? Wanna support indiedevs that don't crunch workers and exploit marginalized communities? Neofeud is 70% off ($4.50)!
"Secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam."
--Steam Reviewer

today and tomorrow filled with exams, I'll see y'all on the weekend

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gonna start a thread for my fursona art. here are a bunch of really cute ones that @D6016 made! there's a leash and weed in there

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If there was ever a period of time I’d love to relive again, it’d be all of my life around elementary school. I’d love to experience that again, that level of safety, imagination, curiosity, that child like wonder. I really miss all of that. Happiest time of my life, been downhill ever since.


This pipe is packed fat lmao

I think I will actually get high while listening to the rain

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